Wednesday Link Roundup: Bucket list sea life, unexpected dive destinations, Bali diving

Whale shark, Placencia, Belize

Sea Life Bucket List

In Diver’s bucket list: 6 rare marine creatures and where to see them, Christina Koukkos outlines her top six "bucket list" sea creatures. Of these, I've seen four: the whale shark, the hammerhead shark, the pygmy seahorse, and the mola mola. I'm missing the great white shark and the manta ray, and whereas I'd love to cage dive with the great whites in Guadalupe someday, the mantas are next on my to-see list.

Which is why one of the next dive destinations we're considering is...


Bali Diving

Bali diving seems to have a little of everything, from cool critters and nudibranchs to mola mola and manta rays. Nick Hope's video makes me really excited about the idea of going there!


Unexpected Diving Destinations

There are also quite a few less-traveled diving destinations at the top of my list. I'm very interested in cruising and diving Alaska (glaciers and jellyfish? sign me up!). I'm also keen to see the scuttled German fleet in Scapa Flow, Scotland, and the historic wooden shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. Katie Hammel suggests a few other lesser-known destinations in 7 Unexpected Dive Spots around the World.

What dive destinations or bucket list sea life are at the top of your list?

One Response to “Wednesday Link Roundup: Bucket list sea life, unexpected dive destinations, Bali diving”

  1. Skylar says:

    Thanks Jenny, what a great way to value the price performance of a trip. Here is an exlampe: I drive 380 mile one day to Ventura (Southern Cal) to dive in the Channel islands group. So (380 miles X 2(return) / 20 mile per gal )X $4.9/gal = $186 + 2 dinners $120 + boat fee $110 = $416. It’s $208/tank for 2 dives day or $138/tank for 1 day. For Monterey, it’s 180mil >> $45gas + $20 food / 2 tanks + $11 tank rental = $43/tank for shore dive or $82/tank boat dive !! I really like your formula, it works ! :-)

    · February 21, 2016 @ 9:37 pm


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