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Wednesday Link Roundup: Muck Diving in the Philippines, Shooting Supermacro with Wet Diopters, Diving Cleopatra’s Sunken Palace

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m spending the next week and a half in Anilao, Philippines, one of the muck diving Meccas of the world. Muck diving is so named for the muddy bottom composition at the dive site. This sediment is home to a host of exotic critters, such as nudibranchs, frogfish, pygmy seahorses, and blue ringed []


Wednesday Links: Should I buy a pony bottle, why regulators leak, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book, and shark socks

I’m completely behind on editing and writing up a lot of cool photos that I really want to do justice to. So while I’m getting through my backlog, I figured I’d deviate from the formula a bit (read: procrastinate a bit longer) and instead compile a few of the things I deemed worth reading this []