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Heading out of the Ginnie Springs Ballroom back into the spring

Let’s go cave diving! Actually, let’s not.

I’m still in a hurricane frame of mind from last week. Prior to Irene in August of 2011, I hadn’t really ever given hurricanes much thought. Those are east coast things that happen in east coast places, and being a primarily west coast kind of girl, they just didn’t factor much. Until Irene of course. And []

2011-08 - Hurricane Irene in Killington Vermont

One year ago today: Hurricane Irene in Killington, Vermont

Growing up in Southern California, I was no stranger to natural disasters. I remember the Northridge earthquake clearly, and forest fires forced my friends to evacuate their homes several times over the course of my childhood. None of this prepared me for the destruction that Hurricane Irene brought to Vermont on August 29th, 2011–one year []