Point Loma Sailboat Wreck Debris Cleanup

Update 2/2014:

Although swells have long since reduced the Chelsea Lee wreck to a debris field, the rocky reef structure at the wreck site remains a favorite destination for divers due to its dramatic wall topography and rich marine life.


Cleanup of the Chelsea Lee Sailboat Wreck

Yesterday, Marissa crew and friends went out to the Point Loma kelp beds to clean up the wrecked sailboat. Armed with lift bags, they were able to remove a ton of hazmat and debris from the sea floor, including sails, batteries, engines, and a bunch of trash.


The vessel

Pants: not an integral part of the marine ecosystem.


One Response to “Point Loma Sailboat Wreck Debris Cleanup”

  1. MITCHELL says:

    Good job, how deep is it, wish I was there.
    Thankyou enjoyed the pitures, see any big fish!!

    · August 17, 2012 @ 4:47 am


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