Killington, VT: Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar

Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar at Killington Resort, Vermont

Last August, runoff from Hurricane Irene flooded the Roaring Brook in Killington and destroyed part of the K-1 base lodge at Killington Resort. In the place of the pub that was destroyed, the mountain built the Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar, a European-style outdoor bar area and deck that looks up at Superstar, one of the mountain's flagship trails. On warm, bluebird spring days, the umbrella roof folds down so skiers and snowboarders can soak up the sun.

One Response to “Killington, VT: Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar”

  1. FemaleSkibum says:

    Love it when the umbrella comes down! Great shot, Ash!

    · March 17, 2012 @ 11:44 am


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