Killington, VT: Fresh Air

Snowboard tracks on Killington golf course

I've been sick lately, but thought today that some fresh air might do me some good, so I took the dogs out on the golf course for a snowshoe. It starting snowing almost immediately after I got there! The surface was crusty from yesterday's rain and subsequent freeze, but someone had clearly taken a snowboard out on the golf course (twice!) for some freshies before it froze over.

Snowboard tracks


My best snowshoeing buddy was having a blast making some tracks of her own:

Papillon running in the snow


It was clear when she stopped to wait for me that I was supposed to move faster...

Papillon in snow


... but not before taking one last shot.

Papillon closeup in the snow



One Response to “Killington, VT: Fresh Air”

  1. Göran Mälberg says:

    Hi. I came across yor website and it is quite impressive work you are doing. Beatiful pictures. Right now I’m doing a layout for the Papillon Club in Sweden. I saw one of your pictures and I would like to use it in a story about a ghost papillon. Sorry to say, there is no money in the deal. I’m doing the magazine for free and so does everyone else in the club. It would mean a lot to us if we could use your picture. Please. With kindness George

    · February 28, 2016 @ 1:31 am


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