Diving Nassau, Bahamas: David Tucker Wreck and the Hollywood Bowl


Our last dive day in Nassau brought sunny, tropical weather once again. However, the ocean had not yet recovered from the storm, and strong currents, coupled with compromised visibility, made diving a little bit difficult.

The David Tucker was donated by the Royal Bahamas Defense Force to become an artificial reef. It sits in about 50 feet of water, right on the edge of a deep wall. Our dive plan was to descend on the wall and swim along it into the current for a while, then drift back and ascend on the wreck. However, the current on the wall was much stronger than we anticipated, so we modified our plan and mostly stayed on the wreck.




Some of the less experienced divers on our boat that day really struggled with the conditions, so we were taken to a shallower and more protected site for our second dive. The Hollywood Bowl, as it's called, is a sandy dive site just offshore of Goulding Cay. It's named for its popularity with film crews, due to its depth (about 30 feet at its deepest point) and numerous schooling fish. The visibility was poor and the surge strong, but I really enjoyed this site as it housed a lot of life and was very different from the wrecks we'd been diving all week.

Goulding Cay, as seen from Jaws Beach on Nassau:


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