The Best of 2012: My Year in Photos

Parrotfish in Curacao

2012 was a hell of a year. I settled in San Diego and got to know a ton of cool people. I was fortunate to travel to some really amazing places. Of course, there was quite a bit of diving.

I saw some San Diego sunrises...

San Diego sunrise


And some San Diego sunsets :)



I dove the Los Angeles oil rigs for the first time.



Our puppy lived her first year of life.



We spent some time back in Killington, Vermont, skiing, snowshoeing, and seeing friends.



I dove with sharks in Nassau, Bahamas.



I discovered my superpower... and woke up at a petting zoo on the side of the road in Utah.



I spent some quality time with some SoCal nudibranchs.



I visited Balboa Park for the first time.



I saw my first ever dolphin while diving... and not in the way I wanted to.



We celebrated our first anniversary by traveling to Belize.



I took a jungle river cruise, climbed Mayan ruins, and fed a monkey a banana!



I saw whale sharks!



I spent some quality time muck diving in La Jolla...



And kelp diving in Point Loma.



I snorkeled with leopard sharks!



I snorkeled with sea lions!



I had a real bummer of a cave diving trip.



Our failed cave diving trip became a really awesome North Carolina wreck diving trip.



We recognized the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irene.




I came to get to know the seasonality of marine populations in Southern California and got to dive during the Black Sea Nettle bloom.



Our crew at the Marissa salvaged hazmat off a sailboat wreck off Point Loma.



I put together a dive team composed of myself, a kelp crab, and the voices in my head.



And near the end of the year, my husband took a new job, but not before we took a 2.5-week vacation with friends in Curaçao. It was a great, relaxing trip, full of diving and spending time with good friends.

REvo rebreather diver in Curacao Spotted Eagle Ray in Curacao Diver in the shallows in Curacao Parrotfish in Curacao Pufferfish in Curacao

Diver on the wall at Playa Kalki, Curacao



Thank you to everyone who made 2012 so special, and here's to health and prosperity for everyone in 2013.

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  1. Wow, these pictures are all so beautiful! And what an awesome year that looks like!

    · January 3, 2013 @ 3:45 am


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